Accelerating Business Productivity

Cisco Solution Partner Go-to-Market Plans



AccelTex in partnership with Cisco Systems has been selected to deliver the Cisco Solution Partner Program Accelerator Program. The purpose of this plan is to ‘fast track’ a Solution Partner’s success with Cisco.

The plan development has a 3 phase approach – Education, Discover and Recommend. At the end of the process, the final deliverable is a detailed go-to-market plan that includes:

  • Targeted communication plan with Key contacts
  • Detailed action plan
  • Accountability by owner
  • Value propositions and messaging by audience
  • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

The ultimate goal is to provide Solution Partners with the tools needed to be more successful with Cisco as well as to skillfully scale their business in a manner that benefits both companies.  In doing so, Cisco receives a complete ecosystem of partners that provide added value to Cisco’s partners and end-user community.

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