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Light Controller


EnergyLynk WiFi Lighting Control

Imagine having the power to monitor, control, automate and optimize your lighting. Imagine knowing how your lighting is performing, having them respond automatically to higher electric rates, and even controlling them from your smart phone or iPad. That is the power of the new EnergyLynk Wi-Fi lighting controller.

With the EnergyLynk solution, you no longer need to build infrastructure or create physical network connections to monitor and control your energy use. Our wireless solution speeds installation, utilizes your existing enterprise WiFi infrastructure and uses a proven existing software system to provide everything needed to manage your energy consumption, comfort and devices more effectively.


  •   110/240/277 Volt
  •  802.11 WiFi based – NO GATEWAY required
  •  0-10v Dimming Control
  •  Smooth dimming (0-100%)
  •  Easy web browser based provisioning to attach to local network
  •  Supports open, WEP, WPA2 Enterprise and personal
  •  5-second sub-metering data resolution
  •  Remote control via Internet, local control via WiFi
  •  Supports 7 day 7 slot schedule
  •  Over the Internet firmware upgrade support
  •  Cloud based data aggregation
  •  Cloud based time synchronization to < 15 ms
  •  Condition based alert notifications
  •  Native iPhone® App available
  •  Sub-metering measures: voltage, current, line frequency, active power, power factor, phase angle
  •  <1% accuracy over 2000:1 current range and over Temperature
  •  Embedded Open ADR smart client
  •  Supports non-dimmable ballasts for on/off functionality
  •  Requires LED Driver or dimmable fluorescent ballast for dimming to work
  •  Can be installed inside existing fluorescent light fixtures
  •  Available with internal or external antennas


  • Easy to implement by leveraging your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Immediate energy savings
  • Measure energy consumption