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AccelTex Solutions Announces EnergyLynk Brand of Wi-Fi Enabled Energy Management Products

Cloud-based energy management solution leverages enterprise
Wi-Fi, IP protocol to provide knowledge and tools needed
to reduce energy costs.

SAN DIEGO, JUNE 11, 2012 — Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, AccelTex Solutions announced the August 2012 availability of its EnergyLynk brand of Wi-Fi enabled energy management products for commercial facilities.  Designed to intelligently reduce energy costs, EnergyLynk connects major energy consuming resources to an existing Wi-Fi network and provides better understanding, management and control of energy use.

EnergyLynk simultaneously harnesses the ease of an existing 802.11 wireless network, the cost effectiveness of IP and the accessibility of a cloud-based system. The cloud capable platform provides for the aggregation of energy data as well as remote management through today’s most popular mobile devices.

“EnergyLynk takes energy management for commercial facilities into the digital age,” said Chris Marco, President of AccelTex Solutions. “By marring legacy HVAC and lighting control practices with modern energy management technologies, EnergyLynk is revolutionizing the way businesses lower energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.”

Initially, the Company will release HVAC, lighting controls, smart plug clients and software. The clients connect to existing enterprise networks making it simple and less disruptive to install. Wi-Fi compatibility means it works anywhere within a corporate Wi-Fi network. EnergyLynk products create a new energy management service that runs on the existing enterprise wireless network.

Cisco Live 2012

“Once the clients and software are installed, you can see all energy consuming resources on the network, in multiple buildings or campuses, through an intuitive dashboard interface,” said Marco. “Businesses can monitor their energy usage in real time, adjust and control lights and HVAC using energy management tools that run on a personal computer or mobile device.  It’s incredibly versatile and cost effective to deploy.”

This allows businesses to use what they already have to make old and existing utilities smarter, more productive and less expensive to run.

AccelTex Solutions and EnergyLynk >> Booth # 2220 at Cisco Live

AccelTex Solutions provides business consulting and intelligent solutions that accelerate and increase the productivity of existing 802.11 wireless networks. Our solutions broaden the scope of what businesses “thought” they could do with their wireless networks.   With this new mindset and approach toward doing more with existing networks, AccelTex is taking today’s Wi-Fi into new places and spaces within the workplace. The goal is to provide products and services that harness wireless networks like never before and significantly reduce operating costs for businesses.

EnergyLynk, an AccelTex Solutions’ brand, delivers Wi-Fi enabled energy management solutions designed to intelligently manage energy use and control energy costs for commercial facilities. Harnessing an existing 802.11 network, EnergyLynk’s hardware and software use an IP based and cloud capable platform which provides remote management and control by today’s most popular mobile devices.