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Accelerating Wireless Productivity

AccelTex Solutions provides consulting and intelligent solutions that accelerate and increase the productivity of existing 802.11 wireless networks.   Our concepts and solutions broaden the scope of what businesses “thought” they could do with their wireless networks.   With a new mindset  toward doing more with the network you already have,  AccelTex is taking today’s Wi-Fi into new places and spaces within the workplace.   The singular goal of our efforts is to provide products and services that harness wireless networks like never before and significantly reduce operating costs for businesses.

With more than two decades of success in the Wi-Fi industry, the founders of AccelTex have worked closely with the leading manufacturers of Wi-Fi and wireless radios to develop innovative solutions that enhance and compliment wireless products.

AccelTex Solutions also provides 802.11 consulting services for Cisco Systems’ CDN (ecosystem) program and helps Cisco partners build and execute go to market plans that accelerate their business with Cisco Systems.

AccelTex Solutions
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