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Power Plug


Power Plug   


EnergyLynk’s new 802.11 Wi-Fi enabled smart plug is design to operate with any Wi-Fi certified access point and allows you to measure and control your plug-in electronic devices.


This product features an imbedded Wi-Fi radio that allows you to leverage your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure without the need for any additional appliances and uses our innovative cloud software system to provide everything needed to manage your energy, comfort and devices more effectively.



  • Embedded Wi-Fi radio (Wi-Fi Certified GainSpan chip)
  • Wi-Fi Smart PlugProvide “real-time” measuring and monitoring of your energy usage
  • Works seamlessly with the EnergyLynk cloud based software solution
    • Cloud-based data aggregation
    • Cloud-based time synchronization
    • Easy web browser based provisioning to attach to your local network
    • Over the Internet firmware upgrade support
    • Condition based alert notifications
    • Supports a 7 day 7 slot schedule
    • Native iPhone, IPad and Android apps available
    • LED indicators signal ready, active & fault conditions
    • Appliance voltage and current protection features


  • Immediate energy savings
  • Easy to implement by leveraging your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Measure energy consumption from your selected electrical device