Accelerating Business Productivity


The EnergyLynk energy management solution connects the biggest energy consuming resources in typical commercial facilities to Wi-Fi and enables better understanding, management and control that lead to significant cost savings.
Why Wi-Fi?

EnergyLynk products include a Wi-Fi module that allows connection to existing enterprise Wi-Fi networks. A wireless connection makes it much simpler and less disruptive to install EnergyLynk and Wi-Fi compatibility means it works anywhere within your corporate Wi-Fi network coverage area. EnergyLynk becomes a new service running on the enterprise Wi-Fi network. EnergyLynk products are compatible with your existing network and support enterprise security.
Adding EnergyLynk to existing lighting and HVAC systems brings them into the digital age. Wi-Fi connects the major energy consumers to the network so they can be managed more efficiently.
Why IP?

EnergyLynk products support a full IP protocol stack that enables them to participate on corporate networks and access the internet. IP is the most versatile and cost effective way to manage energy. Once your energy resources are on the network, they can be controlled with enterprise management tools. Connecting to the internet in a standard and secure way allows EnergyLynk systems to support Cloud based services that provide a richer management environment.
EnergyLynk Cloud

EnergyLynk is a cloud-based energy management system. EnergyLynk devices communicate with a cloud server to report energy usage and update status continuously. Aggregating the energy data in a cloud server means a single management console can control the EnergyLynk system from anywhere. The user interface for the entire system, or a single EnergyLynk device within the system, is a secure web page on any computer or the EnergyLynk mobile application that runs on most popular smartphones and tablets.