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“We engaged with AccelTex as a CDN partner to develop a marketing plan around Cisco Live in 2014. Even though SecurView has worked with Cisco to market our solutions for a number of years, AccelTex’s experience and knowledge of Cisco was valuable to launch an effective marketing plan quickly. Any CDN partner who is interested in fast-tracking their relationship with Cisco should take advantage of AccelTex’s experience of Cisco. Chris and Carter are very easy to work with and have exceeded our expectations.”

Rajeev Khanolkar

Rajeev Khanolkar | President and Chief Executive Officer

“Working with AccelTex has been an outstanding experience. The process from start to finish was clearly defined and well thought out. Carter Burke and Chris Marco knew exactly what questions to ask in order to extract key value propositions and identify Cisco target sales teams and channel partners we need to be connected with. We are now in a position to execute on our partnership with Cisco in a very focused way. We look forward to working with them again when the opportunity arises.”

Scott Colgan

Scott Colgan | Vice President of Marketing

“We knew that our SvSAN, virtual storage appliance, would enable incremental sales of UCS servers but struggled in finding a way to get that message into the hands of the right Cisco Sales organization. The Cisco eco-system is very large and quite complex and would have taken us months, perhaps years to penetrate properly. Our decision to work with AccelTex Solutions in the Go-To-Market Program was one of the best decisions we have made in a long time. In just a very short period of time they were able to fully understand our technology and direct us to the Cisco organizations where we would find the most success and synergy. Along the way they created value propositions and execution plans specific to each group which is proving to be invaluable. I would highly recommend the Go-To-Market Program and would be happy to act as a reference.”


Richard Forrest | Director of Sales

“Working with AccelTex was one of those rare occurrences where reality exceeds expectation.  Our project was completed sooner than expected and the final product was outstanding and better than we imagined.  Carter Burke and Chris Marco of AccelTex are true professionals who were a pleasure to work with throughout our entire project.  We look forward to working with AccelTex again in the future if the opportunity arises.”

Best Regards,

Mike Spacone | Director of Channel Sales | North America | Fax and Document Distribution Group

“I am pleased to say that we have received all of the final deliverables for our CDN Go-To-Market engagement with Carter and Chris of AccelTex. Since our first intro call on Sept 20th, the ScienceLogic team was impressed with not only the structure of the GTM program but also the professionalism of the team and the quality of the conversations.

The information and material that we received will streamline our 2013 Go-To-Market activities with the various Cisco teams and ultimately improve our Cisco partnership. We feel that our solutions are very complementary to Cisco’s leading Data Center and Collaboration technology and will help the cisco channel expand into new differentiated and higher margins services by leveraging our Smart IT platform. The communication plan, SWOT analysis, and strategic contacts will help us build our Cisco practice and alliance into next year.

Beyond the actual deliverables, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekly dialog on the collaboration sessions with Carter and Chris. They were a great team to work with and we hope to continue our relationship into the future.”


Erik Rudin | VP Business Development

“RedSky and Acceltex began our relationship about a year ago with them helping us put together a Go To Market Strategy for Cisco. We continued that relationship with a secondary engagement where Acceltex assisted with Business Development within Cisco. I was extremely impressed with the quality on both of these engagements. In 2011 RedSky did not have a solid focus within Cisco, Acceltex assisted us in putting together value propositions that appealed to the differentiate levels within Cisco, helped in revising some of our existing Cisco specific case studies/marketing material and helped us penetrate Cisco’s organization at much higher levels than we were at a year ago. To partner with a company like Acceltex has been one of the best decisions we have made here at RedSky.”

Thanks again,
Ken Rosko

Ken Rosko | Director of Business Development | Major Channels

“AccelTex’s vast years of experience and knowledge of Cisco allowed us to develop an effective go to market plan. Any CDN partner who is interested in improving their relationship with Cisco and growing their business should take advantage of this great program! Chris and Carter were fantastic to work with!”

Player Pate

Player Pate | Director, Marketing

“AccelTex’s experience and knowledge of Cisco allowed us to develop an effective go to market plan. Any CDN partner who is interested in fast-tracking their relationship with Cisco should take advantage of this great program! Chris and Carter were excellent to work with!”

Mathew Meringolo

Mathew Meringolo | MobileIron

“I met Carter over a year ago as we were developing go-to-market programs to support our Cisco Developer Network (CDN) partners. Carter’s experience as an entrepreneur along with his extensive knowledge of the Cisco sales ecosystem has made him an invaluable resource to our CDN team and our partners. Carter has received great testimonials from the CDN partners that took advantage of this new consulting program and has received high marks in increasing their potential to accelerate time to market.”

Marcia Harlow

Marcia Harlow (Technology & Services Marketing) | Cisco Developer Network Go To Market Programs & Relationship Management Strategy | Cisco Systems