Accelerating Business Productivity

Why AccelTex?



Cisco approved / endorsed

  • AccelTex is currently a Solution Partner
  • Only Cisco approved consultant in the North America

25+ years of experience

  • Owned several Solution Partner companies
  • Worked with the Solution Partner program for over 14 years

Key Cisco contacts

  • Architecture focus
  • Market focus
  • Business unit focus
  • Channel focus

Established success stories

  • Have developed over 50 successful plans in the last several years

Written Plan

  • We develop written and actionable plans
  • Scale across your organization
  • Accountability Matrix

Value propositions / messaging

  • Make yourself relevant to the correct audience


  • Understand Cisco’s organization
  • Understand Cisco’s Channel and recruitment strategies
  • Learn how to approach the correct groups
  • Alignment

Strategic Introductions

  • Help to ‘prime the pump’
  • Kick start the correct relationships


  • Define your weaknesses and turn them into strengths
  • Align your strengths with opportunities